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Possum Merino knitwear

A unique blend of possum fur and merino yarn

Possum Merino Knitwear - New Zealand merino wool and possum fur

Possum Merino Knitwear - Cardigans, Jumpers, Sweaters and more

Possum merino knitwear is made from a unique blend of yarn including New Zealand brushtail possum fur and super fine New Zealand merino lamb wool. This unique fibre not only produces a garment with a high warmth to weight ratio, but also produces a superior soft knitwear. 

At Kiwi Gift Store, our possum merino garments are proudly provided by Possumdown®, which is New Zealand's first developer of the unique blend of possum fur and 

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Possum fur and merino wool

Possum Merino Fibre

Possum merino is a unique blend of the very finest possum fur and superfine New Zealand merino wool, it is soft, warm and light. The natural fibres provide moisture management by wicking moisture away from the skin.

The possum fibre provides incredible warmth with light weight.  Brushtail possum fur is similar in softness to angora and cashmere and is combined with the softness of only pure NZ merino lambs wool. Possum merino fibres are smooth and scale free, people who can't report merino report being able to wear Possum merino knitwear even against bare skin.

Eco luxury fur also save NZ plants and wildlife

Whilst the brushtail possum exists in pest proportions in New Zealand, the fur remains a renewable resource. Introduced from Australia by early settlers, the numbers of brushtail possums multiply exponentially in their non-native environment where the climate is ideal, food is abundant and no natural predators exist. The New Zealand bush is in many places so wild, uninhabitable and dense that the New Zealand Government resort to controlling numbers by baiting and doing aerial poison drops which in turn poison waterways and other wild life. Poison does not differentiate between pests and protected wildlife such as kiwis, tuis and native fish. 

Hand gathering the fur is environmentally friendly and provides support for New Zealand’s endangered wild life, helping to reduce numbers in this way encourages fewer poison drops. 

New Zealand is the only place in the world that the fibre can be harvested so it remains extremely scarce on a global basis, making it the pink diamond of the eco-luxury fur world. 

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